By Rachel, on January 20, 2010


Bananas, Papayas, & Death

Sounds like the title to another Magical Realism novel but it is, in fact, what happened here in the Good Ol’  US of A.  Some would argue that Louisiana is the least US of the A…but then again I find Alaskans feel the same. Nonetheless, in my last post I went on & on about the banana trees in ribbons and the cold. I decided to make that come alive for you all with the following:

Outside Sir's Window

Outside Sir's Window

The Bananas Before….








Outside Sir's Window

Sir's Window After

The Bananas After…. 

And for good measure two more.
The one being of a beautiful banana lined sidewalk close to Perrier Street…beautiful that is, before the freezing temperatures hit. 
The other is of a papaya tree that lives near to Sir’s favorite library: the Latter Branch on St. Charles. The papayas are still there though they look more like religious relics than juicy fruit.
Banana Lined Sidewalk

Banana Lined Sidewalk

Religious Papayas

Religious Papayas

There you have it. Bananas, Papayas, & Death. At least the weather has warmed up and New Orleans is prolific with its vegetation. I’m sure we’ll be back to tropical in no time.

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