By Rachel, on July 6, 2009

Nashville, Tennessee

Summer is undoubtedly my favorite time of year. It is quite common to hear me wax on and on about the songs of the cicadas, the glow of the fireflies, the long and languorous days that melt into long and languorous starry nights.

That is until I’m interrupted by a high pitched enervating whine. It comes suddenly out of the thick summer air and instantly the pleasant fog of the day is gone and I revert to the fire escape lounging, concrete pounding, tenement building born and raised city girl I am. And she runs for cover.
This elegant specimen is the Asian Tiger Mosquito captured and posted online by National Geographic. It also happens to be the suspect in question. Apparently I was not hallucinating when I thought I saw stripes on my tiny nemeses. I did.
I also wasn’t deluded when I imagined they were attacking me at rather odd mosquito hours. They were. They have the wonderful particularity of being active when other mosquitoes are not. Thus you are not safe in the blazing daytime sun.
And finally I wasn’t just being particularly whiny when I wailed that they seemed especially aggressive in their attacks. They are. They will follow you not in a lazy hazy summer manner but in a focused and unrelenting assault.
I must say they even top the infamous Colombian mosquitoes who used to make a feast of me whenever I was in town. The Colombian mosquitoes were bad if they got to you but they were also huge and slow. Easy to slap into a wall. These are are not slow at all. They are fast and calculated little demons and they have no sympathy from me though I did try to remind myself they were only trying to feed their young. That thought lasted about 30 seconds until one of them landed on my little man’s forehead and proceeded to lunch on him.
From what I gather they originated in Asia. They landed here 20 years ago and have quickly gone on to buzz and bite their way through much of America. Lucky world.
Of course, wikipedia has a wealth of information on them:
As for me I’m about to test OFF for its “clip on” product and hope to report back. Though given the personality of these bloodsucking bastards I’m quite skeptical.

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