By Rachel, on July 30, 2009

Nashville, Tennessee

End of July
Another waft of soft rain pelts my window. It has been a constant drone today – the drumming of the drops on the canopy screens that sit outside the room on the back deck. Though Sir and King and I did manage to take advantage of a mid-afternoon halt. King mowed the lawn and then we three dipped into the community pool – ready to take flight at the first hint of thunder. We splashed in the water for a good 30 mintues before the Asian Tigers descended. Bastards.
On a small but valuable tangent…the
OFF powerpad lamps have been purchased and put to the test and so far…they have worked! SC Johnson #14157 Off Powerpad Lamp
I have in cowardly manner put my parents and King out as guinea pigs before putting Sir and me out there. That will be the real test….report pending.
The pictures above were taken when the leaves had not yet popped on the trees but the mood and light is much the same today as it was on that day. The same cedar tree sits outside gathering jewels of drops. The same small white cat sits gazing out at the rain. I wonder if she holds any recollection of her first weeks of life in St. Petersburg – the summered city basking in its midnight sun. That seems so very long ago…
But now it is night. And we are in the western hemisphere where it is dark. And the tornado warnings are beeping in the other room. And the rain sound makes me want to drink hot tea and curl up with a book or a movie or Rushka or Sir or King  or all of the above.
And on that note… I go….Twinings Herbal Unwind, some honey, and hopefully some zzzzzzz will follow.

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