By Rachel, on September 1, 2010


Privet People….

Today the sky has swung from blue to Dovstoevsky grey and back again. I am tired and there is a small boulder of stress knotted at the base of my skull. It tightens throughout the day as I stumble from one mini-crisis to another. No coffee. Crisis. Sir asks for bananas but there are none. Crisis. My parents arrive in less than a week. Haha. Crisis. Blessing too but until I procure a bed and all the other necessary accoutrements for starting a home – Crisis. And then there’s the energy bill…

But I won’t bore you with that. Instead, I’ll tell you how by 5pm the boulder at the base of my skull was gargantuan and I found myself with a whining Sir, a hungry King Rascal, and no dinner. In my vegetable crisper: a sad looking half a head of cabbage, another sad looking half an onion, and some carrots. In my fridge: some ground turkey thigh meat.

And that’s when the Russkys came to the Rescue. It’s not the first time, I might add. And it certainly won’t be the last. It may not be the most authentic recipe but it’s inspired by the lovely ladies who’ve made it for me time and again. Spasibo Bol’shoye Damy.

Kapusta y Farsh:

1/2 head of green cabbage

1/2 large onion of choice

3 or 4 carrots

1/2 lb – 1 lb of ground beef or in this case, ground turkey

Salt, Pepper, Dill, & Ketchup

Chicken Broth for splashing

Dice or slice onions thin. Saute in oil until clear.

Shred carrots or ribbon them with vegetable peeler. Add to onions and cook down.

Add ground beef and brown.

Salt, Pepper, & Dill everything to taste.

Add ketchup to moisten mixture. Cook down.

If too dry, drizzle with some chicken broth. Cook down.

Add shredded cabbage, turn heat to low, and cover. Cook down until cabbage wilts a bit.

Stir. Taste. Salt if necessary. Serve over rice or whole wheat couscous.

Aeto vsyo!

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